Supporting the New Business Process

Winning new business remains an essential activity for invesment management firms. Having large, long term institutional investors such as pension funds as clients is clearly an attractive prospect.

Success in this area hinges to a large extent on the effectiveness and appropriateness of each firm's New Business process. The 'procurement process' remains one of the most critical, and difficult to navigate, areas of working with pensions funds. Many a Request for Proposal (RFP) / Request for Information (RFI) has fallen at one of the number of hurdles associated with the typical tendering process - some common mistakes made relate to the complexity of the response submitted, the content being assessed as not actually meeting requirements, and the proposal being submitted in a technically incorrect manner.

Having been a pension fund employee and an investment consultant, I've spent many years both preparing and scoring written submissions for new business opportunities. I have had the rare experience of seeing the process from both sides of the fence.

As a result, I believe I am well positioned to help plan, review and prepare the content of RFP/RFI submissions from investment managers.

Services provided:

  • RFP/RFI content review / creation / sense checking / proof reading
  • ad hoc / short term support for existing RFP/RFI function
  • advice on Public Procurement Process Best Practice

Strategic Advice

I can also provide guidance on developing strategy for the pensions marketplace, including helping to identify potential opportunities in the Local Government Pension Scheme space. Advice of this nature will give your organisation a greater chance of connecting in a meaningful manner with prospective clients.

I have also participated in, and assessed, many new business presentations, and also carried out quarterly investment manager reviews, mainly in the formal Pensions Committee setting. Again, I am well positioned to help your organisation prepare effectively for any interviews to which you are invited. 

Services provided:

  •   advice on strategy for the pension fund segment
  •   commenting on your proposed communication material
  •   providing suggestions on the best layout of content
  •   helping prepare the material
  •   reviewing / creating PowerPoint presentation material
  •   participating in mock final pitch interviews with your staff

Assisting with Internal Projects

During my career I've undertaken many different investment management-related activities, including:

  •  investment accounting
  •  global custody-related tasks
  •  investment performance measurement
  •  proxy voting / Corporate Governance / ESG matters
  •  managing a passive UK equity investment portfolio
  •  managing an active UK equity portfolio
  •  monitoring investment managers on an ongoing basis
  •  undertaking 'due diligence' research
  •  reviewing internal systems and processes
  •  focussing on delivering a first class customer service experience

I would be more than happy to discuss whether I can help with any internal projects or process reviews that you might be considering carrying out, that would benefit from my skill set.

Other Services

I'm also able to help asset managers in other, investment-related areas such as:

  • undertaking investment writing activities
  • client relationship management and support
  • client surveys
  • client conference design, support or chairing
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